Sunday, September 10, 2006

Road Relays

Well we had a bit of trouble at the Clevedon Road Relays. One of our runners failed to arrive so we were a man short. I had a good run on leg 1, 18:12, slightly down on my pb but I have my suspicions that the course is a slightly long measure. On the whole it was a good strong run, with each k fairly even paced except the last k but I don't feel I slowed. Suppose I can't pb every race. Anyway, I filled in on leg 5 so we could record a team time. Ran 18:56 second time round. Again, fairly even k's (except for last k again) but obviously each one was a bit slower than the first time round. Still pleased to get inside 19.

Now just need to rest up ready for Bristol. Just found out that my yellow number means I'm in the second starting pen which means I will get off to a slow start. I put my estimated time on the application based on running in my Scooby-Doo costume but I've decided to run properly so I'm now in the wrong starting position. Not sure what to do. I will have to make sure I get to the start of the yellow pen and then try and surge my way through during the first mile because I can't afford to loose too much time. It does mean my planned easy start ain't going to happen. I was planning 6:30's for the first couple of miles but now will be a bit random in the first mile. After three miles I will increase up to 6:20's then see how I feel with 4 to go and crank it up to the finish.

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