Thursday, April 24, 2008

Unfit for purpose

I cannot believe how utterly destroyed my legs felt today. First thing, things were fine but through the day they have just, for want of a better phrase, completely seized. By hometime - blimey, sounds like I've been back to school - by hometime, I was hobbling around like a complete spanner. And to think I ran less than 2k on the track - amazing. Really must have put in some effort because my muscles are pretty shredded now.

Still, I've got a day to be ready for a medium effort training run on Saturday as I watch and support all the fantasmic runners taking part in the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge up in sunny Yorkshire. They will be running almost twice as far as the thirteen miles I have planned for myself - and they've got a shed load more climb.

And as if you hadn't already guessed, I didn't manage any training tonight on account of the above - but don't worry - like you would anyway - I'm not letting myself go to pot - honest, the six pack is as six pack as ever - not that you need to know that...

Thought for the day: 'Deja Moo' - The feeling that you've heard this bull before.