Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mowing the grass

It was a balmy evening on which to train. Birds twittering in the trees. Children playing football in the park. Rolled up jumpers for goal posts. A reminder of a bygone age - right, back to reality.

It was only Bruce, Bruce's dad, Rick and me tonight - Sean is away, I saw the signed note from his mum excusing him from pe.

We were excluded from the track this evening. The bouncers practically threw us out - I may have slightly exaggerated that bit - but never the less the young athletes open meeting took over the show so we had to resort to the old airport field.

After a one lap warm up - a proper warm up for once - we ran some 42-44s reps with a short sharp 20-24s recovery. Running over the grass is a fair bit harder work than the track because you really have to make sure you lift the legs. We ran five then a jogged lap recovery, then another five and then three to finish. For once I actually wanted to do some more but the others had had it. I was actually getting quicker. The first set where bang on 44's. The next were 43's and on the third set I was getting into the high 42's. Suffice to say Rick and Bruce where a fraction quicker but not vastly so. Then we put in a short warm down before heading home for tea...

Thought for the day: Indifference will certainly be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?