Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kicked off the track

Yep, it was another of those pesky young athlete open meetings which meant we were moved on. Out into the wilderness. The vast baron wasteland that is the old airport or Hengrove park, call it what you will. The bottom line is that we were excommunicated, set adrift, abandoned. Outcasts, forced to live in exile. Renegades outside of the law [slaps face, shakes head].

Right, where was I. Oh yeah. The session. It was good to see Rob again. He hasn't been out for a while so it was good to him. Sean, Rick and I made up the rest. No Bruce tonight, but we'll allow him a week off.

Rick laid out a short course on the grass and off we set. We ran two sets of ten reps in a continuous non-stop loop. Hard effort on two sides of the triangle (taking about 30s) and then a steady jog (20s) - not the normal Sean style jog taking about 3 hours - back to the start where it was straight into the next rep. It wasn't the easiest running on the long, wet, boggy grass but it was a decent enough session all the same. I felt a bit tired after yesterday but mustn't grumble. If I am to improve I have to be more committed.

I was a bit inconsistent in the first set but every single rep in the second set was run in 31s so I'm pleased to have done that.

Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow - but I really must do something...

A Few Ways to Piss People Off: Buy a large quantity of orange traffic cones, and re-route whole streets.