Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Didn't feel like it

And although my heart wasn't in it I managed to get to the track anyway - and I tried to give it my best. It was a small turn out with only three of us and Rick although we did have a new chap, Mike, along with the ever present Sean.

We ran a special session tonight - the 1500m predictor. Basically you run a fast 400m then thirty seconds recovery before embarking on a fast 800m with a minute recovery before a final fast 300m then you get a nice four minute recovery before repeating the whole thing. The idea is to run each one pretty damn hard - and that means hard. Then at the end you add up the lap times divide by two - are you still with me? - and that's your 1500m estimate.

So how did I go? Not too bad, my times were 66.7, 2:38.4, 52.5 and 71.5, 2:48.5, 53.7 and if you add all that up divide by two you end up with 4 minutes and 46s as a fifteen hundred estimate - not bad when you consider my current pb is only five minutes and 24s - but my heart still wasn't in it.

Thought for the day: Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side.