Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wasn't Planning That...

and probably illegal but I did another interval session! Hot on the heals of yesterday's 4x800s. I espied a group workout on the ol' #Zwift with a goodly number of runners booked in - it's always better when there's loads of fellow runners. The deal maker was that it was on the virtual track so there was no sad plodding all alone on the virtual pavements. My legs felt fit for action so I thought, what the heck, where's the harm?

The session was a different format to normal. More informal, with textual instruction rather than the normal rigid interval list and it was time based so we were all putting in the effort - and taking it easy - at the same time.

There was a ten minute warm up before getting down to business. The workout consisted two sets of a 4 minute interval at 10k pace followed by four intervals of a minute at mile pace. I actually found the short efforts too easy at mile pace (at my current mile pace, that is) so edged up the speed a little. Think I could have taken it up a bit more but I didn't want to over do it. Good session. Definitely a recovery day tomorrow. A bit of bike Zwifting me thinks...

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