Thursday, February 06, 2020

And That's A Wrap!

All fourteen stages of the Tour de Zwift done and dusted. Seven in the saddle. Seven on the plimsolls. Pleased with my run tonight. It wasn't fast. Fast is beyond me right now. I aimed to start slow and finish above my target half marathon pace - which I did. 5.7km complete.

I'm finally starting to feel like I did twenty - yes, twenty - years ago when I first started running. To all intents and purposes it's like I'm starting over again from scratch and I'm really starting to get into the habit. Scheduling runs, mostly sticking to the schedule or managing to rejig the schedule when things crop up.

Being cajoled into 'running' the Bath Half Marathon has been just the kick up the arse I needed. Just need to set a goal once that's out the way. Maybe the Autumn Forest Half? Never done it. Maybe I should?....

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