Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nice Little Burn Up

Opted for a short blast on the two wheel Zwift. 16km, done and dusted. It was a group ride - but everyone goes at it. It wasn't a large field but enough to be grouped, for the first few k's at least. The first sprint on the Richmond UCI course comes at about 4k and I put down some power for a little interval. Not my fastest. Not my slowest. Eased off too much and the group came past leaving me in a solo TT for the rest of the ride - doh!!

I actually quite enjoyed being left stranded and gradually cranked up the power, turning it into a good TT effort. I even managed to catch a few riders on the climbs. All in all a good half hour in the saddle that was over before I knew it.

Not sure how to rejig the weekends training. I need to get my final long run done but Hurricane Dennis is going to put paid to that me thinks.

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