Saturday, February 22, 2020

Bloody Good Sprint Finish

So I didn't do the long run. My running legs didn't feel up to it. I ran a 1km tester on the treadmill and knew it wasn't happening. Not too worried though, I know I've got the distance in my legs for the HM - I don't have the pace. And if the legs do fail me I'm sure the old memories of pain will see me through to the end.

So instead I opted for a stage of the Tour of Innsbruck on the bike. 24km, 500m ascent and I went at it pretty solidly, especially on the climb. I picked off a good number of riders on the way up. Once back onto the flat I found myself in a group of about ten and as we rode towards the finish I was feeling up for a sprint. Of late I've not been bothered but I felt like a burn up, but when to go....

I started to keep a close eye on those around me as we entered the final kilometre. I wasn't going to be the first to go but didn't want to get caught out. A couple of guys went with about 500m to go and I upped the wattage. Not all out but a good effort. From there I steadily cranked it up. The testosterone was flowing and with 200m to go I attacked and went past - but they weren't done and started to come back. I went again and held it by about 2m - but by 'eck I was blowing. Practically keeled over as I crossed the line but it was worth it. A very satisfying burn up...

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