Saturday, August 24, 2019

Forgot How Nice Dymock Woods Are

And there are lots of tracks and paths packed into a relatively small area. Plenty of room for route variations to keep it fresh. The nicest part is the variety of trees. The worst part? Well that's down to me being worn out. I think I'm suffering a tad from overdoing it. Not that I've been running particularly fast during the overdoing it, just lots of sessions and too little recovery. I've been suffering on the bike. My power is way down and today my legs were fatigued within a few minutes. My heart rate wasn't overly high. I'd normally register a higher average. It was just my legs hit the burn at a pitiful pace. I enjoyed the run on the grounds of where I was running but I think I'm going to take a week off. May be a couple of very short, low low effort sessions to keep me sane more than anything else but other than that I think I need the recovery.

Oh, and the new Garmin was good. The routing function was great. It was so easy to map up a route and then have it instantly appear ready to activate. Didn't need to concentrate at all on which path to take as the watch told me all. Giving me a beep at the appropriate point to make a turn. Made the navigation an absolute doddle. Didn't need to refer to the map and compass at any point.

Today's route (clockwise)

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