Friday, March 29, 2019

Pyramid-ish Session

So having pulled a rest day yesterday I was back on it today. Little and often is the new me (at least until it wears off). It turned out to be a kind of pyramid session of 250m sections undulating between 10, 12 and 14kph with the 14kph section extending out to 500m and 750m and back to 250m for the last two but without the 10kph on the final undulation. Still with me?

It felt like a good session. I was pleased with it, especially the effort on longest rep. And for the first time I'm not finding the reps boring - so that's a first! Finished off the training with 10k on the bike, the Richmond hilly, and I put in some decent effort of the short, sharp hill climbs.

I've no races lined up this weekend so it's just going to be more training...

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