Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Better Week Of Training

That's more like it. Despite not racing this weekend, it's still been a good week of training. Yesterday's marshalling felt like a race the way I had to push to get to the checkpoint in time for the first runner. My legs felt heavy before this afternoon's #Zwift Fondo and they're feeling even heavier now. 52km, 550m ascent.

It was a good session. Not a race. Who were we kidding, we were all racing it. I was in amongst some big groups for most of the ride but things broke up in the last 10km or so. The route they use for the bambino fondo suits me as it's a climbing finish and I was able grind out some good positional gains and to that end I moved up through the ride from around 500th at the start to 314 of 967 - but it wasn't a race.

My time was a couple of minutes down on last month but I had a much higher fatigue level going in to it this time - and I felt that throughout. Definitely been a good week's training and I'm feeling buoyed.

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