Sunday, March 17, 2019

A Bit Of Four Seasons...

for today's Tor y Foel fell race. Yes, we had sunshine, rain, hail and biting strong gusts - practically froze my face off along the top.

So as I suspected, my legs were heavy from yesterday's slightly fool hardy training. I did a little warm up beforehand in the hope that they'd feel less dead - it didn't work. Having said that, I had an okay run. Pants on the main climb - no surprise there - I fared a little better on the descent. I managed to collect about five or six places. I nearly went over a right purler on the section of the descent after the road but managed to 'ski' a couple of metres on one foot before getting back control.

I ran pretty well on the 'cobbles' but didn't enjoy it at all. Most uncomfortable but gained one more place before reaching the finish. Despite the cold and wet I enjoyed it so I'll be back for the next race in a weeks time...

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