Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virtually Peaked

Yes, you too, can navigate the Yorkshire Three Peaks fell race. In fact, it's so realistic I don't think I need bother with the real thing - and my calves didn't trouble me a bit and I don't feel at all tired. The best bit though? Yep, it was all over in 214 seconds - unlike the real thing's going to be.

From 'flying' the route I fear it less - probably should have a bit of fear I guess but it really doesn't look as bad as the picture I had in my minds eye. Yes, the three climbs look 'hilly' but the bits in between really only look undulating. Granted, there's a lot of ground to cover - well, it is a 24 mile race after all - but I feel much better about getting round with destroying myself. That's not to say I'm going to disrespect the race as it's obviously a toughie, I just feel better about it now. After all, despite the last couple of months of training decline I have managed a few good training runs this year, and despite the fall off in training in recent months, I have managed a few 25+ mile runs that included more ascent than the race has and I managed a few double header race weekends. I should be fine.

The only other issue to resolve is when to attempt the drive up! I know there will much traffic on the M5/M6 - there always is - just want to try and keep to a minimum the amount of time stopped on the M6 car park...

Three Peaks Fly Through...

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