Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And Now I'm A Little Scared..

I've been looking through the Three Peaks race info and it scares me a little. I'm not fit enough. Don't get me wrong, I will get round the 24 mile beast, it just won't be pretty. Two months ago I would have raced it. On Saturday I will run it. Four hours would be good but I'll not be disappointed as long as I manage to get round inside the cut-off.

Been busy picking my overnight spot for Friday, a picnic area that looks like it's still there from the last time - according to 'g' maps, anyway. I have a feeling I will get engine failure while parked there meaning I will be forced to stay the night.. Funny that.

Then of course there's the map printing and working out some timing splits, happily all complete - just need to memorise my four hour schedule and, more importantly, stick to it come race day... I don't want to be ambitious but providing I feel OK at Whernside then I will crack on with as much crackability as I have remaining at that point.

Other issues to resolve are, are there water stations along the route? or do I need to provide my own? Don't really want to be lugging that around. Of course I'll need to keep an eye on my sodium levels to avoid the dreaded C-word. So providing there will be water provided I might take along a few salt tablets to drop in, consume and move on. I want to carry as minimal a kit as possible - baring the compulsory requirements. Top of the non-compulsory's will be the sis energy gels. I reckon on eight and down one every 30 minutes. Technically that means I need only seven but best to have a spare. And most important of all, 'the List'. The list of all the stuff I need to take. Operation List is now officially go.

All of which means I'm not running the Bridge Inn 5k tonight - mostly on account of the fact that my calves are totally shot. Really need to rest them. Four days to recover and counting...

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