Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sounds Like A Plan

I realise I can no longer bumble along from day to day without a proper training plan. I'm not going to get where I want to go without a structured - or at least a more structured - regime of training. I need more speed. I need more hill climbing capability and I need more endurance. Those aims can't be achieved without some structure to it all.

I am going to try and alternate between a speed session and a hill session midweek, leaving the weekends free for longer, mountainous runs. With the lunch run once a week that should give me four running sessions a week. Around that I'm going to try and do 60 minutes on the bike most days and, of course, the all important core body work on the abs and upper body. Then I'm going to mix in some - as yet, an undecided number - of rowing sessions.

Now I'm not stupid enough to think that's going to happen overnight but I need to make it happen, and happen pretty quickly. Once I form a routine I'll be fine - or should that be 'if' I form a routine - I hope I do.

Training-wise today, Martin and I got out for the Dundry loop. It's been a while since we've gone over the top and while it was damn hard work, it was nice to revel in the glory - OK, so there wasn't any glory - of having got out there and done it.

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