Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mountain Marathon

Well that's my first one of 2012 entered! The Saunders - yikes! And unlike my first attempt back in 2010 - which I have to say was a piss poor attempt - I do not intend to let my partner down this time. I will be ready when the time comes and a lot more fit, that's for damn sure and even though it's a long while off it never the less excites me - darn it, I'm a right saddo.

On other fronts it's not been the greatest day at work but at least I managed to catch up on some paperwork. Turning my attention to training it's going to be 90 minutes on the bike while the sausage casserole simmers in the slow cooker. Now when I say sausage it's actually veggie ones but they taste lush so I don't care if it's not proper.

Looking towards the weekend I'm hoping to get along to the Brierly Orienteering on Saturday but I also feel like another crack at the Parkrun so I think I'm going to park up somewhere in the forest and try the run I had planned for two weeks ago with a bit of variation. I'm going to run to the Parkrun, run that and then run over to Brierly for the orienteering, do that - Blue route of course - before running back to the car. That should give me good mileage while getting a speed session and some map reading practice. Should be a good day out - if a little mad. Then, provided I'm not too knackered I might get chance to make a start on the upholstery in the van...

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