Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost time for feet up

but not quite. There's just the little matter of the last three quarters of an hour of my 90 minute bike session to complete before I can relax ahead of what's going to be a fairly busy weekend of activity. Of which, sadly, only a little bit is going to be nocturnal action - and even more sadly, said nocturnal activity is the Chepstow Dinner. Ho hum, should be good fun all the same.

So, I've been planning tomorrow's running. The schedule is tight but achievable - I think. Provided I get on the road by half eleven I should have time to park up at my secret location and head up to Dyke - ooh, stop it, no - Offa's Dyke, run along the top for a bit and then back down t'other side to Longtown for the fell race. By my estimation that should be a gentle 9k - but with a slightly less gentle 1,200 feet of ascent! I don't want to have to push it too hard - I said stop it - so I'm going to give myself an hour and a quarter to get over to the race and register. The race is only 5k but by then I'll be knackered so I'll no doubt go badly but it'll be good training in any event. There won't be any time for chatting after the race for me as I'll have to hot foot it the 9k back over the hill to the car. All being well I'll be back home by quarter to five. A quick shower and then I'll be down to Cheppers for the do.

Of course, I might well take my fancy dancing shoes with me in the car and perhaps - if I'm very lucky - head straight to Chepper's - or a place close by - to get cleaned up, showered and ready to boogie. Thus missing out the middle man - or home, as I like to call it. Squeaker will be miffed but she's getting fat these days so the dry food will see her all right. If I do get the nod to head straight for Chepstow it will save me a very valuable 30 minutes of driving. Need to make sure I pack everything I'm going to need if I do that though. I feel a list coming on...

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