Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Arsed Than Yesterday

... but not by much.

It was an even longer day at work than yesterday. Again productive but very tiring. In the last few hours my mind began to turn to mush. I saw the sun rise through the window where I worked and then at the end of the day I saw it fall - and then some. Finally as the clock struck seven I hit the exit and high tailed it the hell out of there. Still, I'm well on the way to clocking up enough air miles for a flexi-day - and with that bad boy I shall head for the hills, or rather the mountains...

Now home I have managed to rally myself for an hour on the bike. That is all I can face and in about thirty five minutes I will hit the sofa and I'll scoff my dinner. Oh, and my throat almost doesn't feel sore, it's still a little but it's on the mend. That said, my voice is still croaky but less so than yesterday. I need this cold gone, like yesterday.

Back to the bike. Come on clock - I'm sure this bloody thing is running slow...

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