Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Little Surprising

It was blowing a gale as the terrific trio tumbled forth from the warm comfort of the office into the chilly early afternoon - that would be Graham, Martin and me out into the cold. At least it wasn't raining. The wind was really strong though. Overall conditions were probably less conducive to a fast run. It certainly seemed I was on for being left far behind...

I was still feeling the mountains in my quads from Monday as I floundered five metres off the back. Battling the wind was damn hard work and it all felt very laboured. We decided on the Malago again - or more correctly, I decided, as I really didn't want to face the hill. Anyway, by the time we reached the Malago I was stomping although I did pull onto Martin's shoulder. To get back there I'd used too much and as we hit the final gentle upward slope I was struggling to hold form. By the time we hit the main road for the run in I was bolloxed and the wind picked up some to really put in the boot. The final 200m was like running through a hurrican - not that I've ever actually been in a hurrican but I can image that's (not) what it would have been like. Eventually I crossed the line and I was pleased with my 30:55. Thirty seconds down on last week but my legs were tired and the conditions, worse.

All showered and back in the office it was a great surprise to realise my time was actually ten seconds quicker than last week - old age has addled my memory. I really thought I'd run 30:25 last week. Turns out last weeks time was 31:05 and slower than today - back of the net, pop pickers.

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