Friday, January 20, 2012

Decent End To The Week

Finished the week on a reasonable high - well, the work week anyway - have to wait and see how the other finishes... Twas a productive day.I'm almost looking forward to the continuation next week - ok, maybe not but I will be glad when it's done and dusted.

Anyway, I am all set for tomorrow and a great day of mad running. Maybe not quite fighting fit, I'm not far away. It should be bloody good fun. I'm going to drive over to Speculation and run to Five Acres (5k). Race the Parkrun (5k) and then hot foot it - although I should have plenty of time - over to Brierly (10k) for the orienteering and the Blue course - is there any other? Then it's the jog back to the car (5k). All in all I should clock up over 30k - and be totally f*(%ed by the time I get home. What could be better than clocking up that mileage and two races? No, I don't know either...

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