Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That's The Maps Arrived

My lovely shiny maps of the Lakes have arrived - and I do mean shiny. I opted for those waterproof ones - but didn't consider how much extra weight they'd be. Still, better to retain the use of a map when the weather comes down...

So I've plotted on the chekpoints for the Borrowdale, Wasdale and Langdale fell races but I'm a little confused - not difficult, you say - shut it. On the whole the route's look fairly settled but, for example, in the Borrowdale race, the way across from Aunt Bessie's boot to Esk Haus looks a bit open to interpretation. The rest looks OK. Then in Wasdale the way up to Seatallan looks wide open. From Greendale do you follow the marked path to the east of the river and cross further up and head to the checkpoint or do you go west of Greendale and make your own path the whole way? Investigation required me thinks. The rest of the route looks straightforward apart from the final section from Scafell Pike to the Lingmell wall thing? Not quite sure which way I'm going to be getting across to that bit. There's loads of marked paths - but they don't all join up! Help!!! At least the Langdale route seems a little more defined.

I am right up for it now. Pretty much all set to go - 'cept for one of my gps's packing up! Cue the warranty claim but I'm not going to get it back in time - arse!!!

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