Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yes, it's that time of the week again. That part of the week when thoughts turn towards the meal of the week and for next week I've decided to try the Italian dish, Calzone. It's a totally different type of dish than any I've tried before so I'm allowing for a fall back option of Spaghetti Tomato Tuna with Black Olives. Bugger, now I've made myself hungry because they both look gert lush - on paper at least. Just hope I can do 'em justice.

Took things easy tonight. I've a bit of an achy back and have had for the last couple of days. Feels a bit better tonight. It's all the tossing and turning I'm doing. Tonight I must get a good solid night's sleep - with absolutely no tossing what so ever - oooh matron.

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