Saturday, July 09, 2011

King Arthur's Cave...

but no Holy Grail. Nice run though. Instead of the mountains I headed to Staunton and a run through the woods towards Symonds Yat and the River Wye. Wasn't quite as hilly a route as I had in mind - having only 1,800 feet of ascent - but I made sure I put in good effort on the climbs. Some steeper than others I ran them all. All in all I felt pretty good. The cold, although not completely gone, isn't cause for concern any more. It was a good solid run.

Starting out from the lay-by just outside Staunton I followed the edge of the woods, past the campsite and over to Symonds Yat. Then I dropped down to the river and followed south towards the foot bridge. I crossed the bridge to go in search of King Arthur's Cave. Didn't really know where it was 'cept for in them yer woods. I found myself a couple of foot paths one of which ended up the top of a right steep climb and ... the cave. After a quick looksie I was back on my way, back down to the foot bridge to resume the route along the river. A couple of miles further on I headed in land and wound my way back in fairly general easterly direction before finding my bearings and getting myself back to the car.

On route I stumbled across half a dozen deer and the highlight, a kestrally bird of prey type thing - with wings and everythin' - sat on the side of the path eating it's catch. Wasn't close enough to see what it'd caught and as I approached it took to the air with it's takeaway meal and disappeared into the forest...

Today's run was a little over 13 miles so I'm planning another run tomorrow to make up the numbers. Just about to hit the bike for a 30 minute warm down to prepare the legs.

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