Monday, July 18, 2011

A New Beginning...

to the week, at least. My legs are flippin' shot. Agony I tells ya. Not sure how the heck I'm going to raise my game to run the Leisure Centre League road race tomorrow night. I guess it's 24 hours away so my legs might be recovered. I'll try some gentle massage tonight - but only very gentle as the pegs are quite tender to the touch. Fingers crossed. As to training, I'm going through the motions tonight. A fairly easy 60 minutes on the bike - that at least doesn't feel painful. It only hurts when I try to walk - and don't even mention running.

Reflecting on the week just gone, I'm pleased with my running. I've done a good long mountainous run and two fine races and the groin strain remains in remission. If I was going to get a twinge I'm pretty sure today would be the day. The weekend felt a odd in other ways but I remain upbeat. Things are headed in the right direction.

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