Thursday, April 15, 2010

Song of the nightingale

I carried through with my threat and went for a run straight from work. I drove to Ashton Court, changed and set off - for those sharp eyed amongst you, that's not quite 'straight from work' but it's near enough.

I was out there for and hour and twenty and around 10 miles. Culminating in a run up Nightingale Alley - and I didn't stop. It was a great evening for running - although the toxic, poisonous ash from the Icelandic volcano almost did for me. Not content with losing our reckless councils cash to their banking collapse they're trying to choke us to death with the ash of doom. I survived.

Feeling tired now though. Need some rest but also need to keep piling on the miles. I don't think I can afford to taper for the Mynydd Troed fell race on Sunday. It's a Chepstow Championship race but for me it'll just have to count as another hard training session. Need to get some more miles in so Saturday's going to be another long run. No rest for the wicked - or those building for the LAMM.

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