Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Once, Twice

but not three times a runner.

I made it to the track this evening but better than that I made it out for that lunch time run as well. Both runs were a bit of a compromise and surprisingly I think I'm feeling Saturday's race. I'll admit I was a bit achy after the race but not really too bad considering the tough nature of the course. It was in my legs today though, that's for sure.

At lunch Martin and I ran our normal Dundry route but for me it was steady. Not as slow as I have been but more than a minute slower than my quickest. Still, I got out there.

This evening I decided to run run it short and sharp. I knew my legs wouldn't run the full lap at anything other than dead slow so I stepped it down to run 200's. I started off with a slow four hundred in eighty plus followed by a sixty second three hundred. The it was down to business. I wanted to see what the old pegs could do and proceeded to run four reps in 34, 33, 32 and 32s. I was pleased with that but found the last one really tough. I finished with a three hundred in 54s.

So there is life - or in this case - speed in the legs. No way I could run a full lap quickly though but at least the legs got a taste of running quick.

To put it in perspective though, Sean and Tim where hitting out laps in 56 seconds - now that is indecent - not to mention illegal in some states in America.

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