Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mynydd recce

We were off to the Black Mountains this morning to recce the Mynydd Troed fell race. Not that we really needed to recce it as we've both run it a few times (that's Helen and me) and there are always flags marking the way at various points - not today, silly, but there will be on race day. It was good fun. The weather held off its worst - although it was chilly - and no one got lost - always a bonus. Although James did attempt an alternate run in to where the finish will be come race day - I don't think he'll be picking that line come the race.

In all we covered about eight and a half miles but more impressive was the 3,200 feet of ascent. I felt it my legs, this being my third straight day, having totaled about 26 miles and close to 6,000 feet of ascent.

Then it was back to the pub for some lunch, a chat and then a quiz session from the Big Pub Quiz Book. Lou wasn't happy until we'd had a few questions on flowers and shrubs but to be honest I think Dick took the round - he knew a little too much on that subject if you ask me...

Tomorrow I'm off down to Ashton Court for a long overdue Sunday morning run through the woods...

Here's today's route;

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