Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Made it to the track

but the track was dry. Some sort of young athlete event taking place. Doh. We retreated to the grass. Avoiding the dogs, the dog walkers, the dog poo - I sense there's a theme here - and stray golf balls, we ran some laps of the main park area. Each one gps'ed to smack on 500m. I've not been feeling totally topper this week and managed just five. Sean and Rick managed eight (although Ricks were a short measure so that he could keep up with speedy Sean).

I'm actually happy with my efforts. Still nowhere near the times I used to be able to run but at 1:40/41 per lap I was pretty pleased. Recovery for me was just over the minute. For Sean and Rick it was a tad over 90 seconds - that's the way the cookie crumbles for us slow, old bastards. You run slow. You don't get so much rest. Now, there's an incentive to run quicker (if ever I need one).

Still not feeling totally right. Got to start picking up soon though, as time is starting to run out for the LAMM. I'm gonna do it but it might just...

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