Monday, April 05, 2010

Corned feet

I am knackered. Five days. Five runs with this, the fifth, being the Corndon 3 Peaks Classic. After yesterday's tired run at Ashton Court I thought I was in for more fatigue today but I actually felt OK. Not brimming full with fresh legs and energy but descent enough. The race was less than the advertised seven miles, weighing in at only five and a half but that suited me just fine. It included 1,800 feet of ascent which was more than enough for me today.

The race headed up right from the start. Up to Corndon. I took it steady, almost tripped over on a dog but made it to the top - eventually. Then it was down rapidly to meet a short road section before another short, sharp peak and back down again. A final road section, climbing towards the third peak. The road gave way to track before eventually making summit number three. Then it was break neck speed back down to the finish.

I had some fun. Gained a few places on the second and third climbs - and gained even more during all the descents, especially the final one where I almost, very nearly almost, ran like a mad man.

Helen was pipped to the post by Anna Barlett but still had a good race in my opinion. And now it's time for some well earned rest before we're off to Ireland on midweek for the first of the British Championship Races - where I fully intend to not come last. There might be some radio silence...

The Corndon 3 Peaks Route;

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