Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not the greatest

The sunshine heralded in the start of the new Bridge Inn 5k Series - but sadly not the start of some fast running by me. I registered, got my number and went off for a little warm up. My legs weren't feeling sharp. Although not achy, I'm sure Sunday's long effort - which half killed me - had some lingering affect on my legs. Anyway, they didn't seem to want to go quickly.

I set off steady - 3:50 for the first k. Then slowed slightly with 3:56 for the next two k's. I was working hard picking off the people ahead. Kilometre four was my slowest of the race and frustratingly outside four minutes in 4:03, but even overtaking people as I was that was upsetting. I rallied for the final kilometre to record 3:57 and a finish time of 19:42. Disappointing, I'll agree, but at least it was inside twenty - and believe me I feared I couldn't even achieve that after the warm up.

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