Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not quite the full measure...

...but close enough for me on what was a stormingly hot day. Total distance was about 11 miles on an up and down route in the Wye valley. I actually really enjoyed the final climb. A steady gradient which went on for over two miles. It was just about the perfect angle for me. One of those climbs where the ol' stomp technique can just - well, keep stomping.

I feel like I've had two good training runs this weekend and I definitely feel the hill strength is on its way back. OK, so I know it wasn't like I was running on steep, fell style climbs but all the same I felt a lot better than I did a few short weeks ago. I've just got time for a few longer runs before my mission to help Pat W with his Bob Graham round at the end of May. Plus, I feel OK for next week's Moel Eilio fell race - although no doubt a certain person will still thrash me - but I'll be trying my best...

Thought for the day: Friends are God's way of taking care of us.

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