Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Thursday

As you can tell, I'm full of ideas tonight. Can't you just smell the thought that went into the title?

Well I managed to get down the gym. Didn't fancy a run after two hard days so I hit the bike for an hour. My arms don't half ache - it's hard work whacking the exercise bike with a stick for an hour. Seriously, it was hard effort and I was a long way off my best but it was all good effort. Then I pulled some weights before off home for tea.

I'm away for the holiday weekend - but I'm going to fit in the track fixture up in Nottingham - goes without saying. The B Team Athlete of the Millennium (or whatever it was) can't miss the opening fixture. Where would the team be without him? - shut it, no, you're probably right - a few points better off. Still, I'm definitely going to try that pole vault malarkey...

A Few Ways to Piss People Off: Ask people what gender they are.

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