Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hilly is good

I was in two minds this evening. I couldn't decide on quite what to do. A hardish 45 minutes or some hill reps? Such tough decisions. Oh, it's a hard life. In the end I couldn't decide so I ran around the perimeter of Ashton Court at a steady to hard pace for 25 minutes before launching into some hill sprints.

I've been meaning to try out the hill sprint session ever since reading about it in Runner's World. Basically I picked the steepest section of the hill - about a 1 in 4 gradient - and sprinted up hill for 20s all out effort. Then I walked back down for a 90s recovery before repeating a further 14 times.

The last five reps were very hard and it was agonisingly tough in the last five seconds of each rep to keep the focus and push it to the finish - but I did and that's just dandy.

Then it was a further 15 minutes of running back to the gym - but that was strictly warm down as my legs were f#@ked.

Thought for the day: A pint of example is worth a gallon of advice.

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