Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A bit of the ol' quick step magic

It was a lonely place at the track tonight. No Bruce. No Rob. No Bruce's dad. No Rob's dad - but then that's not really that unusual as Rob's dad doesn't ever come - just thought I'd mention it. Tonight it was just Sean and me with Rick on drums - I mean, Rick on stop watch.

It was almost ideal conditions except for the head wind down the back straight - but since we didn't run the back straight what did we care? - nice one.

As you might gather from that, we were on the short stuff - 200's. Yesterday hill sprints. Today sprinty sprints. Tomorrow? - the world - maybe not. Yep, tonight's session was all about leg speed - leg speed to infinity ... and beyond - calm down, calm down [reaches for the ritalin].

Anyway, to the session. We ran ten 200m reps with a sloooowwwwww 200m jog recovery. After yesterday's session and my slightly heavy legs I was well pleased with my times. Sean was quicker but I was more refined - it comes with age.

For the record my splits were; 32.8, 32.7, 32.1, 31.6, 32.2, 31.7, 31.5, 31.6, 30.8 and a final - pb rated - 29.2s - he shoots, he scores. Average 31.6s. Sean's average was down at 29.1s but seeing as he's half my age with loads of talent I'm pretty satisfied.

The best part about tonight's session? Giving Sean a shock on the last one. Rick knew I would go for him hard on the last one. I have the ability to completely finish myself. And on that final one I damn near almost did. I sat on Sean's shoulder round the top bend. Closer to Sean, by far, than on any of the previous reps. Then on the home straight I made my move. I began to close him down - and he knew it. With fifty to go I just didn't quite have enough and even with Sean tieing badly in the last ten I was never quite close enough. Still, there's some speed in the ol' legs...

Thought for the day: Don't try to be everything for everyone, try to be something for someone.

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