Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why does it always rain on me?

Is it because ...... I go training when the forecast says showers? Could be!

Ran the same session as last week but there was a bit more wind about tonight - shut it, I'm not talking beans. The wind was strong into us on the finish straight which made it tough. It was my fifth straight day so I can afford to feel a little tired. The 9's were run in 3:02/3:01/3:01 followed by the 5's in 1:36/1:36/1:37 finished off with the 3's in 55/54/52. I was 4 seconds down on last weeks reps and generally felt more tired before the session started (staying out till the early hours this morning probably didn't help but that's my own fault) and the wind played a part. Overall though, I'm not too disappointed. I certainly worked hard and didn't slack so who cares if the times were a bit slower? (well I do actually but I'm damned if it'll get me down).

Once again, got to wish Nick a happy birthday and thanks for the choc cake - nice.

And finally, oh yeah, scalped Sean on the last 300 m rep. Picture the scene. 100m to go. Sean 3m ahead. The Mad Runner, digging deep. The crowd lift to their feet. 50m to go. Sean 2m ahead. Me, digging even deeper. The crowd silent in anticipation. 10m to go. On the heals of Sean. On the line - have it. The crowd go wild.

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