Sunday, November 19, 2006

The reason revealed

........ I snuck off (got to be careful how I say that one!) for a low key half marathon down in sunny Gosport. All that resting didn't really work though, boo hoo. It was a two lap course, completely flat but prone to the wind coming in off the sea. The first lap was mostly calm but the wind kicked up a bit at the very end of the first lap and stayed there for the second which made it a bit tougher but not overly so.

So how did I go? Sadly not the best. It was, as they say in the trade, a bit rubbish. I was aiming to run 6:10's which would have given me a time of around 1:21. I managed a reasonably pathetic 1:23:21.

I don't know what was wrong but I just didn't have it in the tank. When I got there the cupboard was bare, so to speak, (thanks to old mother hubbard for that one). The only mile I managed to hit target was the first one, and it was spot on 6:10 but I just couldn't sustain it. Basically, I didn't have the speed. I didn't fade and I finished reasonably strong. I even managed to pick up the pace slightly in the last couple of miles but I just couldn't make the legs move quickly enough. Most of my mile splits were between 6:16 - 6:20 but one slipped to 6:25 during the windiest part of the course. It was all very consistent and I'm pleased with that but I think I need a few weeks off. I'm now going to get the marathon done and out the way and then take it really easy through December and maybe the first part of January so I can come back recharged and inspired to push back the boundaries.

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Rick said...

not perhaps as fast as you'd planned, but certainly a quick blogger if ever there was one!!
Well done - I looked up the result just in case you were going to keep it under your hat - sounds as though it could be one race too far, even for a young whippersnapper like you (it's all relative).

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