Monday, November 06, 2006

Meet the Aztecs

It was really foggy tonight. During each lap the visibility was reduced to almost zero - and that was just my glasses misting up! I took it really steady on the first four mile laps, stringing together a 6:30, and three 6:40's. I had good company on the way round and helped pull the young lady round to complete a consistent paced session. I didn't want to push to hard after the weekend so I was happy to help. On the last two laps I went commando - oops - I mean solo (I kept my pants on). I gave it a bit of a blast and knocked out a 5:45 and 5:54 to finish. I was pleased to have gone so quick on the last two. I was hoping to maybe hit 6's so the 5:45 was a real surprise.

Must rush, my smoked chilli, sweet pepper and (fake) chicken is just about to finish cooking and I am well ready for it. I can smell it from here and if I say so myself it smells gert lush.

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