Tuesday, November 28, 2006


That's a season worst if you were wondering. Ran the Bridge Inn tonight and ran it intentionally slow. I was running at 4:11 km pace for the first 4km, on target for 21 minutes. I was very nearly almost breaking into a sweat. But with 1 km to go I just couldn't contain myself any longer and burnt up the last km in about 3:35 with a ridiculous last 100 hundred metres. I was pretty much sprinting flat out as fast as I can go. I now have to chastise myself for being such a doofus and not taking that last km as easy as the first four. Sean had a race in his first 5k road race. He dipped just under 17 minutes - something I'm sure I'll never manage.

I am definitely not training tomorrow night. If anyone sees me train they have my permission to slap me - but not so hard as to make me cry!

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