Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rocket man

A nineteen seventies clapped out Russian rocket maybe but a rocket never the less.

Ran a cracking track session tonight. Three 900's in 2:58 with a 3 minute recovery per rep followed by three 500's in 1:30 again with a 3 minute recovery and finished off with three 300's in 51s with a 2 minute recovery. My reps were really consistent. The last set of three 300's was killer - I had a few wobbly leg moments. I was pleased by my mental strength almost as much as the physical. I kept pushing to the line each time and didn't at any stage bottle it. After the 500's I considered ending the session but talked myself out of that to carry on and I'm pleased I did.

That has to be my fastest and most consistent session so far. Considering I raced last night, tonight's session was doubly pleasing. I even managed to get my arse out of bed early this morning and go for a 3 mile run before work - now that's dedication. There's nothing quite like a disappointment to concentrate the mind and make you raise your game. And boy am I going to raise it. I may be a bit pants compared to the really fast boys but I am determined to go as fast as my body can take me.

The young uns looked good tonight as well. They seemed stronger. Especially on the last rep of each set of three. Normally they fade a little bit but tonight they maintained consistent pace - now that's a first. All this training seems to be taking them in the right direction. Now, if we could only get them all out for the Sunday hour run, that would be even better. Got to wish them good luck for Saturdays cross country relays though.

I wonder if I can shift my arse out of bed tomorrow morning for another run before work.........

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