Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mad Wednesday

Good session tonight. Two 800's followed by four 500's with a 400 to finish. The 8's were 2:43 and 2:38. The 5's were 1:36's and the 400 to finish was a 68. The lads worked slightly harder than me tonight. They ran 1000's instead of the 8's and 6's instead of the 5's with an 800 to finish. I had officially ended my session after the 5's but I could see Harry fading on the final 800 rep and knew he'd fight to hold me off if I joined in for the last lap. Subsequently he put in a really strong effort as did Sean to hold off Harry's charge. All three of us ran the last lap in about 68s which was really top notch. Nick was a little bit ahead but both Sean and Harry closed him down somewhat on that majestic last lap. Unfortunately the crowd had already left the stadium so there was no one there to see it! The lads all worked hard tonight and can give themselves a pat on the back - but no slacking - I want to see more of the same next week.

It's been a good two days for me in the aftermath of the half-marathon. I've trained far better than I thought I would. I actually felt quite strong tonight and held my form (or what little form I have) throughout the session. I was really focused on relaxing and keeping the posture good.

Nick came up with, what I think is, an absolutely brilliant idea for next weeks session. Unfortunately I shall only be watching as I'll be resting before the marathon, which is a real shame. During the session he posed the interesting question, 'How long would Ten 3 mile reps take?' It was then 'politely' pointed out to him that this was in fact 30 miles! Next week the lads are bringing their camping gear as the session might be going on into the early morning......

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