Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rehabilitating Nicely

What cracking run. As I drove across to the mountains I hit torrential rain - nooooo - but once I arrived it didn't even look like it had rained. Without wasting any time I hit the trails and was soon headed up towards Offa's Dyke. I ran pretty well on the ascent. It got real steep in places but apart from the odd moment I was able to grind my way up to the top ridge. From there it was a lovely meandering run along the border of England and Wales for five or so miles before dropping off the ridge, down to the road and up the other side towards the Chwarel y Fan ridge.

I followed the ridge back south and finally dropped back down, through the forest. To be fair, it all went a bit tits at that point - and I knew it would. It always does. I never quite seem to be able to cope with dense, bushy undergrowth - stop it. Paths that appear on the map don't seem to match those on the ground and consequently the gps route ends up being pretty useless. At one point I came across a way marker pointing to the Llanthony Road - excellent, or so I thought. I followed it for about 400m before, well, it just ended in the middle of dense woodland with no sign of where it was suppose to continue - I'm guessing it doesn't get much use.

Anyway, finally, after a bit of faffing I made it back to the car. In all I covered about nineteen miles with 1,800 feet of ascent - the ascent mainly completed of the two major climbs. All in all a fine run and without a hint of the groin strain. Even had a pretty descent pace going for quite a lot of the route. Without the hiccup in the forest I'd have been round in about 3 hours and that's not a bad time for a training run of that distance.

It's been a good weekend of training. 32 miles clocked up and the groin seems to have settled down. The rehabilitation is well on it's way... just going to clock off with a final half hour warm down on the bike.