Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not Up For It

In fact, I felt a bit off this afternoon. Add in a spoonful of tiredness and my decision was made. I decided to skip the Bridge Inn 5k tonight. Probably no bad thing. Don't want to be getting myself injured. That meant I headed home at the normal, early time - not such a good move. Some nobber decided to flip his lorry on the M5 just after my turn off before Gloucester, closing the entire motorway. Cue, well, a bloody big queue. Taking evassive manouvres - but not in the dark - I came off early - sssh, no, stop it - and dodged down country lanes and the like to bypass most of the trouble. In the end I got home just twenty minutes later than normal - under the circumstances, that's was a result.

Tonight I made up a dough and let it prove while I got on with an hour on the bike. Then it was into the oven with my tomato and black olive topped focaccia while I freshened up. Up next the best bit, the eating - now that's more like it, tasty. Now awaiting the first episode of new season CSI: Miami - could life get any better? Well, yeah quite a bit actually...