Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bored, Can You Tell?

Heck I'm bored. Shit all on TV. Naff all to do. Have had to resort to looking at maps. Oh joy. On the upside I've got that third route sorted for my upcoming Lakes trip - a recce of the Langdale fell race. It fits in well from my Wasdale base camp. The itinery as it stands at the moment is a recce of Borrowdale on Friday - but starting from midway. Saturday I'm going to be spectating this years race. Sunday, the Langdale recce and Monday the more challenging Wasdale recce. Then Tuesday, the journey home. If all goes to plan I'll have clocked close to 100km and that should set me up a treat for the Brecon Beacons race on the 20th. Oh, and while I remember, he's the route of yesterday's Waun Fach Fell Race with its 2,000 feet of ascent:-