Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can't Stop Yawning

and I feel a little melancholy tonight - what the hell is going on with me! These damn sticky nights, the heat, it's preventing me sleep properly and it's getting annoying. In the word's of Mel Gibson - 'Gimme back my sleep'.

Looking forward to the end of the week - jumping ahead there - I've a double race header. It's the Pen-y-Fan / Fan-y-Big race weekend. Sunday's Fan-y-Big is part of Chepstow Harriers fell series but I've missed so many that there's no point in saving myself. I'm going to race hard both days and I'd like to beat last years times of  31:57 and 1:32:32 respectively. If I'm honest I will be even more melancholy if I don't because I'm definitely in better shape! Things can go wrong though. There are no sure things in this game. Still, I'll be a tad pissed if I don't...