Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pleased With That

After a slightly later than intended start - I was really congested first thing and my throat sore. Thought I'd give it a few hours to see if things improved. Fortunately they did and by midday I was ready to go run. In view of the late start - and the fact that I'd already decided I was going to go run there anyway - I drove over to and just beyond Staunton to start my run.

From the lay-by on the bend I headed over to Redbrook to pick up the Offa's Dyke Path and then followed it along in the direction of Tintern. The plan was to run for as far as I felt good for, then turn tail and return over the same route. The throat started to get a bit dry and sore by the time I reached Brockweir so, having been running for just shy of an hour and a half I turned around and headed back.

I was pleased with the way I ran. It was pretty good quality and I felt strong. I definitely knew I'd raced on Thursday, my legs didn't feel fresh, but even so, I felt good on the climbs - and for those that know the Offa's Dyke Path - there's quite a few of those and some go on for quite a while... Yep, all in all it was a good little run.

I covered just about 17 miles with 4,000 feet of ascent in a time of two hours and fifty seven minutes - and that's not too shabby for me. Off to finish things up with half an hour on the bike and, with luck, I'll be ready for a shorter recovery run tomorrow.

Today's route:-