Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting To The Route Of It

Well I'm now fully switched into planning mode. Making lists left, right and centre. Kit list. Food list and, most importantly, route list. I need four routes for definite - Friday to Monday - and a couple of spares might be handy to allow for conditions. If you hadn't guessed, I'm talking about my up coming trip north. Really looking forward to it now. I'm right in the groove for it.

To be honest, other than attempting to recce the Borrowdale race and the Wasdale race - so I'm all set for a crack at them next year if the timetable allows - I don't really know any of the Lake District. Not that I really know those routes to be fair, but I can at least dig out a route for those off the 'tinternet. Ideally I need something to fill Monday and possibly a quickie on Tuesday but I really don't want to be leaving too late and will no doubt be wanting to get back home to avoid the traffic - if that's possible.  I'm aiming to mooch around the Borrowdale route area on Saturday and catch some of the race action. Anyway, I'll leave it there for now and wait for the arrival of my maps before I start making detailed plans...

As to today's training, rather amazingly, the lunch run actually happened. It took us all the way till Friday but we finally got there in the end. My legs still feel a little, well, not quite right, but surprisingly I went quite well. I was trying to take things steady. Nice easy strides and just get round in one piece. Imagine my surprise to get 'over the top' in 16:10. That's not far off my quickest and I was easing it somewhat. Still puffing near the top, mind - the Dundry climb can never be said to be easy.

Once over the top I took it really easy on the descent. I felt I could seriously hinder my chances for tomorrow if I came crashing down the relatively steep descent so I pootled as Martin shot off into the distance...

I got round in 31:30 - which was nice considering I had at least two more gears available had I wanted to use them. All in all a very pleasing run.

Tonight I finished off with an easing back 45 minutes on the bike to get me in tip top condition, fine tuned and ready for action in the Waun Fach fell race tomorrow - just need to check the start time - don't want any mistakes...

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