Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's Proving Time

Not really sure what just happened? For some reason - and I really can't remember what triggered it - as I drove to work this morning I decided I wanted to bake some bread. Not your simple throw all the ingredients into a machine, switch on, wait and serve. No, I wanted first princples stuff. Oddly I had all the ingredients apart from some wholemeal flour. Not that odd really - now I'm in full training to be the perfect wife...

As to the training I had a good day. Martin and I got out at lunch for the old clockwise Dundry run. I was puffing hard on account of this damn cold I've gone and got me. Not sure I sounded much like a runner, more a fifty a day cigar man. Still, I got round in a not awful time of 32:15 and under the circumstances I was happy with that. As soon as I finished I almost coughed up my lungs but that soon subsided. On a happier note, didn't get a single twinge from down below - now that is a RESULT - and we completely avoided the rain. How lucky was that.

Back to the bread making, I started by preparing the yeast - don't ask me. Then after half an hour, allowing it to do something - don't know what - I added in the rest of the ingredients. Apparantly I could have left that first phase to do it's thing over a 24 hour period - sod that. Bit by bit I added the last of the flour until finally the dough mix took good form and I was able to knead it into sumission. Two sticky hands later - stop it - I seperated the dough into two lots. Finished the kneading and lobbed 'em in the loaf tins. Those bad boys are currently proving in the warmth of the conservatory - least I think that's what their doing.

Currently waiting patiently for them to rise before I bung them in the oven. Almost can't wait to see how they turn out - I bloody hope it'll have been worth the effort.