Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Best Day Ever...

Met three lovely ladies today. Jennifer Jane, Lauren Rachel and Tanya Louise. Yes, it's not often you pass three Stobbart lorries in a single day. Can't recall a single occasion off the top of my head. A special day indeed I think you'll agree - or maybe not. What am I on? Not sure but you definitely don't want to catch it.

Another tiring day and with a small school boy error to boot. Nothing I can't sort out tomorrow morning, first thing - and I will. Didn't get back into the office for the lunch run today so trying again tomorrow. Tonight it's a fairly solid effort on the bike. I've cranked up the resistance for a quad burning 75 minutes.

And how's this for a bargain. I've only gone and remembered I booked a day off work for this coming Friday. I was going to go run Wasdale - I'd entered and everything - but I can't really risk it despite the fact things are finally beginning to feel as though they're on the mend. It would be fool hardy at the very least. Down right ridculous at the other end of things. Plus I've no tent for the camping. No, instead I'll head over to the mountains for a walk, a run or a bit of both. Or perhaps a visit to a stretch of the Cotswold Way and a lunch stop somewhere on route... just hope the weather is sound.

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