Thursday, July 21, 2011

Break To The Lake

I've finally committed. I'm going up to the Lake District in a couple of weeks time. The weekend, and a day or two either side, of the Borrowdale Fell Race. I was considering this one but after the problems of the last months I decided against it in the end.  But as I'd already booked the Friday off work I decided to add on the Monday and Tuesday to make it a mini break. It will be good to spectate the race and will also give me a chance to finally do some running in the Lakes - not actually 'in' the Lakes but you get my drift. I've been up there a few times but haven't run much - other than leg 1, leg 4 and the last half of leg 5 of the Bob Graham Round - and even then I didn't 'see' any of leg 1 on account of it being run through the night. This break will finally give me the chance to see some of the glorious scenery the area is famed for.

To mark the occasion I've splashed out on a new tent - that and the fact that I chucked the old one out as it was wrecked. Haven't broken the bank, mind, but the reviews of the Vango Omega 350 make it sound like a reasonable mix between value and strength. It's also supposedly a three person tent but more likely two and since there's only me I'll have a good deal of space and comfort. To be fair I don't think the tent would survive a hurican but from the reviews it should withstand some pretty heavy wind and rain.

It'll be my first time proper camping since childhood and by proper camping I mean under canvas for the entirety so I'm looking for a campsite in the locality of the Borrowdale valley to watch the race and hit some of the central mountains during the rest of my time there. Suggestions for a good campsite on a postcard please...

As to training today I missed the lunch run on account of the legs still being a bit sore so it's been the same old story of an hour on the bike tonight - while the cinnamon loaf proves... Hopefully the legs will be alright for a loop round Dundry tomorrow and then of course, it's Waun Fach on Saturday. I'll be treating it as training but I should go fair to middleing after my performances last weekend.